Living in Auckland leading a fast paced day to day saw a call for a creative outlet other than the 9-5 corporate lifestyle. After many 'character building' craft attempts, I unearthed a passion for concrete.

New Zealand has a flourishing retail market but was lacking a high quality concrete homeware product where each item is cared for from start to finish at an achievable price. Our products exude elegance and are made to last. Each product is cherished throughout the creation process. Each item is handcrafted, water cured, hand sanded, reinforced with fibreglass and acrylic sealed to enhance the quality. Air bubbles, rough textures, minor scratches, slight unevenness or bumps are what makes the product perfectly imperfect.
Items are made from high quality products and where possible, we have considered sustainable elements. Take our oxides, these are repurposed from waste materials to create beautiful hues that don't harm the environment.