• Handcrafted Concrete Decor

    Each item is curated with care from beginning to end. Each item is handcrafted, water cured, hand sanded, reinforced with fibreglass and acrylic sealed to enhance the quality and life of your product.

    Each batch is unique and colours can vary to what is in photos just from the nature of production.

    Thinner boards and plates are very delicate and not recommended to be used as serveware.

    Air bubbles, rough textures, minor scratches, slight unevenness or bumps are what makes the product perfectly imperfect.

  • Caring for your concrete

    Your item will be water resistant but not waterproof. To clean your product, a wash cloth and gentle cleaner can be used to wipe down your product. Keep in mind, cement will pick up marks over time so do keep this in mind when putting down your red vino!

    Contact us below if you have any further questions.